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Chronicles vol. 4

 28 April, 2022 - 1, May, 2022

During this year's Gallery Weekend in Berlin, Galerie Droste presents the ongoing CHRONICLES group exhibition on the grounds of the Royal Porcelain-Manufactory in the heart of Berlin. 

Across various floors, selected works by international artistic positions are curated, whose practices can be located in the fields of painting, sculpture, and digital art. In the midst of historical premises, the juxtaposition of the most diverse media comes together - an experimental embedding of modern visual language in the fascinating quarter of porcelain production. 


Artist list: 

Ákos Ezer 

André Wendland 

Andrew Schoultz 

Antonia Rodrian 

Arno Beck 

Christiane Peschek

Elisa Breyer 

Hannah Bohnen

Jake Troyli

Jorinde Fischer

Julien Jaca

Julius Hofmann 

Mona Broschár 

Nitsa Meletopoulos

Raffael Bader

Raphael Brunk 

Reihaneh Hosseini

Ryan Travis Christian

Tim Leimbach

Umar Rashid

Wendell Gladstone 

Wyatt Mills

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