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 June 26, 2021 - July 31, 2021

Male, young persons with elongated and intertwined limbs, mark the canvas works of Hungarian artist Ákos Ezers and intertwine to form almost abstract paintings. The surreal depictions of the painterly bodies often take up the entire surface of the painting and, in their linearity, form a geometric frame that seems to constrain the people depicted within the canvas surface. Incorporated contemporary and pop culture references, such as smartphones, sneakers, and modern clothing, establish a connection to the present and situate familiar scenes for the viewer, apparently depicting everyday occupations. However, their stooped and contorted postures, reminiscent of the moment of falling down or a shamed gesture, as well as the blank stares of the men, make the protagonists seem like sad puppets of an invisible authority. All the painterly backdrops created by Ezer contrast sharply with the colorful and bold palette of the paintings. This extreme contradiction causes the attempt to refer to problems of the young protagonists depicted. Ákos Ezer as a young artist, raised in a digital world now dominated by social media for a long time, in which any conflicts are hidden behind illusionary facades of exaggerated self-portrayal, seems to point out this zeitgeist with his works. On the other hand, he invites the viewer to work out his own personal view of current, social structures in his native Hungary. The works tell in a gentle, humorous, but by no means banalizing way, about the life of the Hungarian youth and its, caused by political authorities and conflicts, personal efforts and lack of perspective in the everyday life. 


In his second solo exhibition at Galerie Droste, entitled DAY OFF IDEAS, Ezer focuses on large-scale group scenes showing the protagonists engaged in leisure activities. The artist describes them as micro-communities organized around their activities. In their actions, the movements coalesce or dissolve into each other as if into a fabric, reinforcing with their dancing gestures, the particular composition of which they have become a part. Their actions are banal everyday occurrences that, like painting, provide space for contemplation and inner attention. The title of the exhibition refers in the course of this, to the emerging tension between forged plans and their actual implementation, as well as further to the often associated illusion of attaining personal freedom and prudence. The title tries to describe the state in which we should feel good, but the gravity of this fact makes it impossible from the outset to live the perfect and unclouded moment.


Ákos Ezer large-scale canvas works can be seen in his solo exhibition DAY OFF IDEAS at Galerie Droste Wuppertal, Katernbergerstraße 100, 42115 Wuppertal from June 26 to July 31, 2021. The exhibition will open on June 26, 2021 from 2pm - 8pm.

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