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GALERIE DROSTE, Wuppertal/ Paris
2020, June 04, 2020 - June 27, 2020

The main protagonists of the Hungarian artist characterize male persons with elongated limbs and bent postures, whose gestural movements remind of moments of falling. The different personalities, marked by contemporary and pop-cultural clothing, as well as the pastel colour palette used, offer a humorous approach to Ezer's pictorial world without trivialising it. The artist invites the viewer to reconstruct his view of current social structures in his home country Hungary and the personal efforts of everyday life associated with them.

Ákos Ezer born 1989, lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, 2014. 



The first solo exhibition of the Hungarian artist in the Paris showroom of the Galerie Droste also marks the opening of the premises. However, due to the still prevailing restrictions on contact, the exhibition will not be opened with a Vernissage and will also be presented online on the gallery's digital media.


Ákos Ezer will present new canvas works and for the first time ceramics. In addition, a limited art print by the artist will be on sale.


The Parisian gallery can be visited from Wednesday to Saturday from 3 - 7 pm, and by appointment.

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